The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up An Embroidery Pendant

It took me a while to find the best way to set up my pendants. You can easily get the base kit I assembled for you in my shop and start your next project. If you still have some base in your hand. Let's talk about 4 different ways I have tried.
1.Glass disc. It is the easiest to buy. The disc is more rounded and thicker which causes it be a heavier. They are not my favorite.
2.Plastic disc. Most commonly used in making buttons. I like it as they are lighter and not as thick as the glass disc. I use them as inner disc for some of my base kits which I can't find a match metal inner disc.

3.Metal disc. These are my favorite to use! They are lighter in weight, thinner and sturdier. This allows me to tighten the fabric easier and neater. I have received many good reviews about them. My  first recommendation
4.If you don't have any of these, don't worry. There is a simple way to substitute the other three styles using cardboard and fabric batting. Draw the same shape of your pendant on the cardboard. Cut it out. Trim the edges neatly, making it a little bit smaller than the pendant. Next, do the same thing with the batting. This will make the finished project look nicer.
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